Vincent LeeVincent Lee Rosovits is a German songwriter, film composer, producer and youtuber of Chinese-German descent based in Germany. Born Febuary 8, 1983, he started playing drums at the age of 4. However, the neighbors complained about the noise so at age 7, he began taking classical piano lessons.
A few years later, his grandfather gave him a YAMAHA PSR-500 Keyboard. With an MS-DOS PC, a MIDI cable and a MIDI sequencer program, he took his first steps in recording & producing. Eventually he saved enough to buy a Korg hardware synthesizer and hardware samplers from Akai and Roland.
At the age of 14, he joined the school band as a pianist and also attended several jazz workshops to learn how to improvise. He joined a rock cover band at 16 and through the two groups played at several festivals, events, and even achieved a certain fame regionally. Unfortunately, the band eventually separated and he turned his attention back to recording and producing.

During his military service time, he met Denis Elias who showed him the possibilities of a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). Together they produced several dance tracks and with their song, “Melancholia Part II,” they reached No. 1 on the Uptrax-Charts.

In 2011, he met the film team “Chili Chopstickz” and joined forces with them for their short film “Simply Smile”. He wrote the soundtrack as an additional composer. That same year he met JuBafilms and wrote and produced the soundtrack to the short film “Be Individual”.
The next project with JuBafilms would bring him to the next musical level. The song, “Momentum,” which was composed for the short film “Da Capo,” received exceptionally positive reviews and won several awards. Other projects followed and with the short film “With a piece of chalk” Vincent faced a challenging task – to create music that went along with the images to tell a story that is emotionally intoxicating. This amazing piece of art went viral.

Because of his versatility and flexibility in music styles, he was able to work with other artists / companies & productions such as: GOOGLE, GERMANYS NEXT TOPMODEL, GAMEFORGE, DELIVERYHERO, T7 PRODUCTION, THE FU MUSIC, APECRIME, BULLSHIT TV, SCENETAKE, VIDEODAY and much more.